Large size HD led instrument

  • The power and speed display is clear at a glance, and the remaining power is displayed in real time to remind you to charge in time.

Both Front And Rear Disk Brake

  • Highly sensitive E-ABS power-off system is adopted, and the motor will be powered off immediately when the brake lever is pressed.

Powerful high quality motor

  • Equipped with high-speed brushless motor,large torque, strongclimbing ability is no longer on the uphill push, but climbing liketreading on flat ground.

Bright LED lens headlights

  • The brighter the lighting, the more points, and the design of reflective equipment continues to increase until it reaches a complete 360° to pursue higher safety.

Look good and be comfortable

goeasy's design team has carefully designed, the appearance adopts a classic streamlined design, the appearance is higher; and through various technological blessings, the ride is more comfortable!

  • Classic appearance design, more eye-catching appearance.
  • Motorcycle-grade shock absorption, super comfortable ride.
  • Explosion-proof tubeless tires, safer and more reliable.
  • Front and rear bright warning lights, safer driving.


Intelligent navigation

All goeasy power stations can be navigated through the mobile APP, and can be found within 3 kilometers.


density of battery swapping station is to set up each station within 3 kiometers.

SWAP BATTERY henever and wherever possible

The nearest battery swapping station and the number of available batteries are shown in the APP and navigate you to reach the nearest station.when you ride otside and battery power gets can go to near battery swapping station to swap fully charged battery.

Battery detection
Payment deduction
Power exchange
Binding battery data

7 seconds to complete battery swap

Use BATTERY SWAPPING CABINET,It only takes 3 steps and 7 seconds to complete the battery exchange, which is fast and safe.And it can be replaced anytime and anywhere.

Step one

Return battery

Step two

Change battery

Step three

Start journey

Cheap and Cheerful

Purchase cost and running cost of our E-scootor is less than other electric scooters.The front and rear sides are damped to avoid potholes. The shock absorption performance is good, and I prefer your comfort.

Cheaper purchase price

Compared with other traditional electric vehicles and locomotives, goeasy is cheaper.

Lower cost of use

Through the convenient Battery Swapping System,the utility model greatly saves the use cost.

Lithium Battery BLDC Hub Motor Brake system
60v33ah 1000w FR Disk and RR Disk
Dimension Time of change Speed
1815(L)*720(W)*1150(H)mm 0hr 45-55km/hr
Suspension Kerb Weight(no battery) Tyre
Spring Rocker Arm Front Shock Absorber, Hydraulic Spring Shock Absorber 70kg 120/70-12 tubeless (F/R)
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